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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CHEAP personalized Valentine's Cards!

I absolutely LOVE the Valentine's Cards from Tiny Prints.  Many can be personalized with photos and (with the promo code) are MUCH CHEAPER than a greeting card you will buy elsewhere. 

I ordered a few of these for family this morning and was able to get 75% off with promo code: LUV99.  That brought the price of each card to $0.99.  This is the most expensive that it will be; each had 3 photos.  

What I LOVE (in addition to the price and personalization) is that you can choose to have Tiny Prints SEND your Valentine's cards; they simply add the cost of postage!

If you order by today, your card will be delivered by Saturday the 12th!

If you do not have a Tiny Prints account; register via this link and we will both get $20 off our next purchase!  woot woot!

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